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Top 5 List - Website Design Trends

As you may know, we are in the process of revamping our website. While we are a bit sad to say goodbye to this site design, we are 100% excited about the new design, and the new features and benefits we will be able to offer our customers.

With every new endeavor, there is much to be learned. One thing we have found quite interesting is the rapid pace at which website trends and standard practices have changed and evolved over the last few years. From appearance, to messaging, to functionality, website technology is a moving target, to be sure. In fact, we have had so much fun researching website trends, that we thought we would share a few of the more interesting trends with you.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 web design trends!

  • 5. Best new trend inspired by "The 80´s".

    Neon color palettes make websites pop! (woot woot!) Will this bold trend have staying power?
  • 4. Best new trend that sort of rhymes with Lorax.

    Parallax Scrolling - Allows designers to control the depth of objects. Combined with HTML5 and CSS3 it can add depth to a page and make it come alive. Can be a "wow" factor when used correctly. Can make the user a bit seasick if overdone.
  • 3. Best new trend that takes a step backward.

    Flat Design (2D) - Computer and smart-phone screens are flat. Until now website designers have tried to trick your eye, employing drop shadows, highlighting and texture to imitate a 3-D experience. Flat Design takes a minimalist view. Solid blocks of saturated color, creative typography, and strong lines now dominate. No special glasses required!
  • 2. Best new trend that completely reverses a previous trend.

    For a long time the mantra for web designers was "above the fold, above the fold". Taking a cue from the newspaper business, it was thought users need to be grabbed by the front page above the fold. Web designers believed all interesting content needed to be above the proverbial fold of a web page because users did not want to scroll.

    Now, with all the new small devices available, users expect to scroll to find what they need. So "above the fold" mantra, you´re out! Web users... scroll on.
  • 1. And finally, the hands down winner of Best in Show.

    Responsive Layouts - Websites must support all devices (laptops, desktops, smart-phones, tablets, and phablets!) Conent should adapt nicely to the size of the device being used without losing any information or appeal.

    Of course, our new website will be fully responsive;)

There you have it. The top trends in web development, as voted on by our crack staff here at Flash Appointments. Thank you for your input and encouragement. Look for the new site design to be launched in Summer 2014. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions… please keep in touch!

Team Flash Appointments