Online Appointment Scheduling from Flash Appointments,

an unmatched balance of benefits:

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General Features:

Single page scheduling Single page scheduling is possible because Flash Appointments is a rich internet application. Pages don't need to refresh to show your availability. This promotes fast, easy scheduling and happy clients.
Fully hosted by Flash Appointments You don't have to install and maintain the software- we do that for you.
Scheduling App for Facebook We've made it super easy to put the scheduler on your Facebook page. It requires just 3 mouse clicks. Your clients can schedule without leaving your Facebook page.
Multiple user roles Four levels of access (Administrator, Receptionist, Staff & Client) make it easy for you to set up the right level of access for ease of use and security.
Scalable The system can handle multi-level service menus, hundreds of staff and multiple locations. Plus, there is no extra charge for large numbers of appointments.
Secure Your clients can't see the other appointments that are booked, only your availability.
Automated password retrieval Securely retrieve forgotten passwords quickly.
Business needs matching Change your subscription level at any time to match your business.
Resource Pools You can schedule multiple anonymous resources as easily as you can schedule a single resource. Great for seats in testing centers, equipment rental, group tours, and more.
Date Sensitive Services You can specify date ranges when your services can be booked!
Robust 24/7 access for you and your clients.

Features for your clients:

Easy horizontal schedule view Unique Flash Appointments benefit. Horizontal layout means less scrolling for your client.
Visually appealing Customize your client scheduler to match your company colors.
Appointment confirmation email Clients receive a confirmation email when they book an appointment. This is customizable & optional.
Reminder email Clients receive a reminder email the day before their appointment.
Cancellation email Clients receive a cancellation email if they (or you) have to cancel an appointment. This is customizable & optional.
Ability to review/cancel appointments Clients can review their appointments and cancel them (if you choose to let them).
Calendar sync Clients can easily import their appointments to Outlook, Palm, gmail and more calendar applications.
Log In Optionally, require your clients to log in to schedule. Recommended only when you need to restrict access to your account.

Features for your 'Staff':

Give your staff the ability to manage their own areas of concern. Several access levels are available to support your security needs.

Appointment notification Staff receive confirmation emails for new appointments. Customizable and optional.
Appointment cancellations Staff receive cancellationemails for cancelled appointments. Customizable and optional.
Calendar sync Easily import your appointments to Outlook & Palm.
Daily/Weekly Reporting View, print and & export individual schedules. Optional.
Manage Availability Allow staff to schedule their own schedules including time off and overtime. Optional.
Manage Appointments Allow staff to manage their own appointments; adding, cancelling and rescheduling. Optional.

Features for your 'Receptionist':

Manage day-to-day scheduling with the receptionist tool.

Daily/Weekly Reporting View, print, and export appointments for a specified day or seek. Optionally filter appointments by staff and/or location.
Staff Management Schedule time off and overtime for all staff.
Client Management Quickly sort, search, add and update client information.
Appointment Management View, update or cancel appointments.
Recurring Appointments Quickly book recurring appointments for your clients.
Show / No Show Keep track of whether or not clients show up for the appointment.

Features for your 'Administrator':

All features available to Receptionist Users are also available to Administrator Users. Administrators have full access to all functionality in the system.

Subscription management Change your plan. Manage and view your payments to Flash Appointments.
Easily manage business settings Set up the timezone, currency symbol, appiontment constraints and colors for your Client Scheduler.
Staff/Resources Set up the staff/resources that take online appointments.
Services Set up the services offered by your business. Optionally define lead time and post time to allow for preparation before and clean up or recovery after the service.
Locations/Groups Define multiple locations/groups for the account. This allows staff to allocate or dedicate their time to a specific location or category. See our hands-on demos to see how teachers are assigned to Grade levels.
Reporting View, print, and export individual or entire company schedules.
Customize emails Customize the confirmation, cancellation and reminder messages sent to your clients and staff.
Manage users Assign level of access into Flash Appointments for your internal staff members.
Easily manage services Add/edit/delete services offered to your clients quickly.
Booking policy Communicate your booking policy to clients before the confirm their appointment
Client info import Import existing clients into the account.
Client delete and merge Only Administrator users can delete clients. You can also merge clients when duplicate client records arise.
Client Login Optionally require clients to log in and assign a username and password to each.

Ways to customize the user experience:

Need something special? Just ask!

Match your website and client scheduler colors. Give your clients a look and feel consistent with your website by matching the colors of the Client Scheduler to your website.
Seamless integration Embed the Client Scheduler into your own website to provide your clients a truly seamless experience. See our hands-on demos for examples.
Visibility of business hours on client scheduler You can choose whether or not to display your business hours. Just send a request.
Business details Our appointment scheduling software allows you to configure your calendar with your specific business hours, your individual staff member business hours and the specific services you offer.
Custom Labels Labels can be adjusted on request. If you want to schedule Interviews instead of Services we can do that, and much more.
Additional customization Need something special? Just ask!