Testimonials from happy Flash Appointments customers:

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I have to tell you this has really been a life saver. Flash Appointments really helps us structure our interview process.

Carolyn Maltby, Pepsico

Our business and our clients have been using the Flash Appointments online scheduler for five years. The service is 100% reliable, the web interface is easy to use and the company's support response is quick and dependable.

Astrid Rial, Arial International

Your customer service is outstanding and i will continue to recommend Flash Appointments to everyone who books clients!!

Angie Evans

THANK YOU! Seriously---thanks for your prompt and very helpful reply! "I love my FlashAppointments!"

Susan M. Nevad, Instructor

I just want to say thank you for promoting and providing flash appointments for the teachers! I have found this to be a tremendous help for me and my students! I am amazed at how much this program has alleviated the phone tag game, so thank you so much!

Rhonda McPherson, American History Teacher

More Letters from Flash Appointment Clients:

Hello, Merry Christmas and thank you for all your wonderful customer support. I rave to others about you. You have been a perfect choice for my business. I hope you continue to grow and that the new year will be an even better year for you and your families.

Patricia Blake

Hi Flash people,

I have only used your service for a few weeks but I am extremely pleased. First of all, your service has been excellent. Furthermore, at least every other day one of my clients says, "I didn't know you did that as well? I read about it on your website when I went to book an appointment". So using Flash Appointments is expanding my customers kno wledge base about my services - which is leading to more bookings! Lastly, I have several clients who have booked three to six massage sessions ahead, which has never happened before.

Keep up the good work!

- Warren Jones, CMT

"I just wanted to say thank you for having this service!!! I cannot tell you how much it has done for me and my business. Basically allowing me to run a counseling service on my own with no support staff as a result is worth alot to me. So thank you. Been meaning to email this for a while!"

Todd Daehnert, M.A.,LPC Daehnert Counseling LLP

"As a small business with very busy full and part time staff, we find Flash Appointments to be very straightforward and efficient. Our clients often comment that they love how easy it is to use the program, as well as enjoy the convenience of 24/7 scheduling.

We are proud to offer Flash Appointments as a service of our successful business!"

Shanin, Busy Receptionist,
Affordable Laser

We have been using your services for almost a year now. We added a link to our website. The response from our pilots has been tremendous, they /love it !/ -- they're all "techy" types anyway! Our phone has quieted down, no 3:00 AM calls for an appointment from Europe or Japan. Carole and I can handle the whole office without additional help. In other words, using your on-line appointment making service was the best thing we ever added to the office !

And you may quote us on that!

Thanks again from
Doc and Carole Terrell

"It's tax season again and we would like to use Flash Appointments again this year. Last season, Jan-May was very successful due to your scheduling program. It allowed us to keep track of appointments for all our preparers and did the job beautifully."

Bob Moyher,
RJM Tax Service

"Thank you -- you all have the best online customer service I have ever experienced! Keep up the good work. All best, Stacey"

Stacey J. Rees,
Clementine Midwifery

"The convenience of Flash Appointments has increased my business exponentially! Since I am a solo practitioner, calling back clients takes an enormous amount of valuable time. With an online scheduler that sends my appts to my calendar software on my computer, it frees me up to do the work that I love sooo much."

Tito BA, LMT,
Portland OR

I have to tell you...the Flash Appointments is one of the best investments I've ever made for my business! My clients love the capability, and I couldn't live without it myself.

Rachel and Jeff Gollaher, Serenity Massage

We LOVE flash appointments. Almost everyone who comes in for there appt. tells us how easy and nice it is. It saves us so much time. Thanks Again.

Sandra Lucas, The Growing Years

Flash appointments has increased my business by over 60%. No longer do my clients have to play phone tag with me in order to schedule an appointment. They have all commented on how much they love the flexibility of going on-line and scheduling their own appointments at a time that is convenient for them. In addition, when you e-mail the support department, they are incredibly timely in getting back to me in a clear and concise manner. This application has incredible and it is not only easy to set-up and use, but it works 100% of the time. For any spa, therapist, or other service provider who relies on a schedule, this is money well spent and it costs pennies a day for something that generates much more in business. Thanks Flash Appointments and keep up the good work.

Brian Fun, cmnt, coabt

"Wow- what a difference! This is like the equivalent to chocolate ice cream on a summer day! Simply satisfying, sensational! This solution is even better than what I imagined. Go head Flash Appointments, you guys have earned my loyalty, and respect!

Extremely satisfied business owner."

Jovan Daniels, CEO Perfectly Done 4U

"Love the service. The email notifications and integration with my Outlook calendar is fantastic. The reports are easy to use and very helpful. I highly recommend FlashAppointments!"

Tom Bell, Surgical Laser LLC