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Appointment Scheduling Software will be an invaluable asset for your business

Do you need a more professional way to allow your clients to book appointments with you? The Flash Appointments web based scheduling solution is robust enough to handle thousands of appointments and scales from small to large office applications. Your clients will love online scheduling- they can book an online appointment on a single page in less than a minute and they receive confirmation and reminder emails. All of these things reduce your administrative time and they reduce no shows or appointment time confusion.

Features include:

  • easy synching with your Outlook calendar at the click of a button
  • customization of your calendar
  • easily export data to better manage your relationships

Online Appointment Scheduling from Flash Appointments, an unmatched balance of benefits:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Power

Affordable. The Solo Plan starts at just $10/month. All plans offer unlimited appointments and users. No sneaky charges for high appointment volume or additional logins.

Easy to Use. Flash Appointments is a rich internet application (RIA). That means updates occur in a single page. For instance, clients will want to shop for an ideal opening. In Flash Appointments when the user clicks a new date or service, available appointment times update instantly on the same screen. That makes it easy to shop around especially when schedules are filling up and availability is limited.

Powerful. We use filtering to manage large data sets. That means Flash Appointments can scale up to meet your growing business needs. Try the demo to see how we can handle:

  • Many schedules,
  • Complex service menus,
  • Multiple locations