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The gallery contains several examples of how Flash Appointments can be set up for different needs, These demos are hands on. Discover some of the many ways use an online scheduler for your business. Also see our guided video tours .


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Full Service Spa Office Plan $60/month

           try it! All Massage Demo

This demo shows 12 therapists each offering many services for a total of just under 100 combinations.


Ideal for:

Educational institutions: parent teacher conferences, online teachers, counselors, interviews, testing facilities and more

Wellness & Beauty: spas, chiropractor offices, salons, personal trainers, massage therapists and more

Professional services: tax preparers, accountants, photographers and more

Features displayed in demo:

  • Multi-level menu lets you organize a large number of services for easy navigation
  • Add descriptions for your services
  • Appointment scheduler integrated into website
  • Include a booking policy for your clients to accept before confirming their appointment
  • Business hours display can be disabled on request
Resource Pool Scheduling

Resource Pools 30 Pooled Resources $30/month

           try it! Resource Pool Demo

This demo shows scheduling for a racquet club. It supports resource pools of racquetball, tennis and squash courts. In addition, it supports private lessons with 3 pros.


Ideal for:

This type of scheduling is extremely flexible. It is used for scheduling seats in testing centers, health screenings, as well as yoga classes, and school visits. Resource pools are ideal for situations where you have many resources and each can be booked independently.

Features displayed in demo:

  • Resource pool scheduling lets you organize many resources in a compact view.
  • Clients do not choose a specific resource, i.e. tennis court, exam seat, yoga mat.
  • Clients are assigned a random resource from the pool of selected resources.
  • The number open resources is visible for any available time.

Elementary School Schedules Parent/Teacher Conferences Office Plan with 5 locations $80/month

Schedule appointments online
      try it! Maple Elementary Demo

This demo supports over 50 teachers. The location feature is used to group teachers by grade making it easier for parents to find their child’s teacher.


Ideal for:

Massage therapists operating out of more than one location

Testing facilities with multiple room

Parent teacher conferences (locations can be used for the grades instead of physical locations)

Features displayed in demo:

  • Location as grouping. Clients can filter by location

  • Multiple locations allow staff to be scheduled at one or more locations

  • Easily organize a large number of staff members

  • Customized labels

  • Link to calendar from website

  • Ability to request additional information


Financial Services Firm Staff/Resource Plan, 2 Locations $35/month

Appointment scheduler demo   try it! Foxx Financial Services Demo

In this demo 3 financial advisors split their time across 2 regional offices. Each advisor offers a wide range of services.


Ideal for:

Small to medium sized businesses where service providers each offer a wide range of services.

Professionals, accountants, acupuncturists, photographers, etc...

Features displayed in demo:

  • Business hours are not shown.
  • Solo accounts preselect the service, saving time.
  • Cookies remember last client on a computer by default.

Solo Massage Therapist Solo Plan $10/month

Online appointment scheduling demo            try it! Mary Jane Demo

This demo shows a solo massage therapist offering a single massage service.


Ideal for:

Teachers at online schools that need to operate independently

Independent massage therapists, counselors, photographers, personal trainers, chiropractors, tax preparers, accountants or financial advisors offering a single service

Features displayed in demo:

  • Single service pre-selected for faster scheduling
  • Business hours are not shown.
  • Integrated into a website
  • Offsite appointment questions enabled